it was railroad museum time once more!

Every year on Charter Day (some historical significance there) the state offers up their museums free of charge to the public. And every year we take advantage of that to visit the Railroad Museum of PA. Every year we have gone has been a disaster. And yet every year I go back? I'm such a glutton. This year I had Matt with me once more which of course makes things about 200% easier. I didn't bother worrying about Dominic restraints and figured he would be happier roaming free... And wow. Was he ever! Dare I say he was.... good? I dare. He stayed with the family. He listened to us. He left the train table room with not a single tear and quite willingly I may add (unlike his elder brother). I think he just had the very best time of all. Free and independent and simply loving his life. 

David had some issues with leaving the train room which is a freaking theme in his life and I should know better but I don't. Letty tolerated us, trains aren't really her thing which I totally get girl. I spent many a day traipsing after my brothers at Civil War reenactment after reenactment. There's only so much fun one can have checking out canons and old battlefields, ok? We did get a moment of pride when she answered the one volunteer about what a caboose is. Clearly. And it was even correct so, go Letty! If you've been around here for awhile you might know she never liked to answer people's questions before, people as in strangers. She would just stare and glare. So it's wonderful to finally hear her answer and to have the confidence there. The fact that she was right was just icing on the cake.

Anyways lots of stuff to say that we survived another year, and it wasn't so bad, and maybe summer won't be so bad either? Maybe Dom will enjoy life and not scream his way through the activities coming up. Maybe.
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