ice skating!

Last year Matt and I took Miss Letty to a local ice rink to try out this whole ice skating business, and she's been asking for a repeat trip ever since. Matt and his healed broken foot stayed home with the boys while I got to go have a little lady date with my eldest. She had off school for conferences so it was the perfect time to go! All other public schools were in session so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I had invited some of her girlfriends last minute too so she had fun chasing after them or chatting in the penalty box while I had a bit of adult conversation myself. 

My brother's old skates no longer fit her so we actually had to rent this year! I'm really struggling with just how big Letty is getting. A size one shoe?! A medium in the big girl's department? Did you know dresses for a six year old cost basically what a woman's dress is? It's a combination of our Fitzs always taking care of our wardrobe needs and just Letty going through a major growth spurt. An inch already this year!

Anyways, size one. It doesn't take much to make me emotional with her. Or anything.
Maybe this will be like a once a year thing? She is no Kristina Yamaguchi, that's for sure. But the girls did get such a kick out of me saying her name, as if I was sneezing or something. 



  1. haha this is so fun! and perfect on a day off from school. it's weird to me that she's so big. i still picture the tiny baby with the elvis face that i took selfies with. i'll see myself out

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aww this looks like such a fun day :) she's so adorable. i get emotional easily as well. can't wait till i have kids, i will probably cry everyday. ha.

  3. oh you guys are so cute!!! i haven't been skating probably since high school!!! so much fun!!!! what a day!!! i can't imagine taking my little ones right now, we'd all be flat on our tushies. haha!! and whoa, is kristi yamaguchi's real name kristina?! it never occurred to me!!


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