community helper day

I still feel odd bringing out my big camera at functions like these, which is silly but true... What did we ever do before iPhones, right?
Anyways David's school hosted their first ever Community Helper Day, complete with snacks, a bubble machine, two firetrucks and an ambulance. You had me at fire truck. Any excuse to look at a fire truck, I'll even drive hours upon hours to see one (and a very special firefighter too I may add). We were also joined by my brother-in-law and my niece.

I really expected there to be a lot of crowds but it was quite the opposite in fact. It's starting to get nice, going places and seeing familiar faces and running in to the typical "crowd" of people. Seeing our kids run off and play and having that community here that we just hadn't gotten to experience until school started... maybe that's a nice perk of school then yeah? Since I'm always the first to complain about my kids leaving me...

And David's best little lady friend came! They are like an old married couple his teacher told us, always sitting together and playing together, chatting it up. They run up to each other each day and hug so tightly as if they hadn't just seen the other two days before. We really like her parents and well, she's half Italian so... match made in heaven yes? I'm joking, obviously, but all the adults find it just the cutest thing and it's all in innocent good fun.
I think the kids liked the playground the best if I'm being honest. But I hope the school does it again next year! Firetrucks!