a little spring pick me up

It's not spring here, not quite yet, but over the past weekend while stuck at home with not much of anything to do except mind sick kiddos I decided to put out my Easter decor. I wasn't really feeling it, and I'm not sure why. I probably would have skipped the whole thing all together which is totally out of my character until my mom said "do it for the kids." And then I thought of this hilarious scene from Entourage (I especially love it when Matt Damon starts to cry) and said yeah Laur. Do it for the kids!

The entire house is different since I last brought this stuff out. The dining room was navy. The kitchen cabinets were their natural wood color. The walls were all different colors. The floor was different. So I decided to just start over, laying everything I had out on the dining room table and just doing things a bit differently. Who's to say things have to go where they always go? Of course some things did end up where they always go because I am a creature of habit... And I don't go crazy for Easter like I do with say, Christmas. But it brightens up the space a bit more, adds a little bit of festive. The biggest "problem" I had was where to put all the blown-out eggs that I've made throughout the years. Some of them are almost thirty (ouch) years old so they need to be at a place where the kids can't break them or get at them at all really. But between my mom and I we figured it all out just fine. And mylanta do I have a chalkboard problem. Right?!
Can we talk about the playroom for a second? You may notice that all the books are turned around so the pages face out. What do we think about this? The playroom is just a mess really, a riot of color as it were, and the book spines only added to that. I reread books hardly ever so I don't really need to read the spines often, and also I know exactly what books are on what shelves (Holocaust/WWII top left shelf, Outlander middle left bottom shelf, travel books middle right top shelf, you get the idea). But I've had a few people, cough, Steph, cough, Beth, give me sort of a side eye when they saw it. So... switch them back? Leave them as is? Sell all my books and let the kids take the room over and cry into my pillow? Thanks for any feedback... I'll make a graph.

Do you guys decorate for Easter? Is anyone else just sort of feeling bleh about it right now? I'll blame the 70 degree weather that turned heal and ran and left me with single digits. Mother Nature is being a saucy minx.

I apparently did not share last year's Easter decor but here is two year's ago.