Our Sunday post lunch routine... homework time!
Dominic, age 2 years: Obviously he doesn't have homework these days but that doesn't stop him from wishing he did so he could be doing what his big siblings are doing. A little coloring book and crayons and he's none the wiser. For now. And he didn't even notice the camera. His new phrase of the week is doing something (whatever that may be, going down the slide, for example) and looking at Matt and I and saying, did you see dat!? Every time. Love hearing his vocab improve!

David, age 4 years: His homework comes home from his teacher with a "if he feels like it" sentiment but Matt and I don't let that on to David. In our eyes it is a must do. He wraps the page up super quick and stashes it back in his folder so he can then join Letty on her homework endeavors. Kindergarten for David can't come soon enough, intellectually speaking. He had his assessment this past week and we were told he has a sparkling personality and an impressive vocabulary. So, heart eyes for you, kid.

Letty, age 6 years: Three little books, fifteen minutes a day, three days over the weekend. So while she's "reading" I know it's actually more like she "memorized the pages" but hey, it's something! Dom has surprised us all with really loving these fifteen minute increments. He picks one of her books, she reads to him, pointing at each word along the way, and then he chooses another book. Meanwhile Matt and I get out of having to sit there right with her. Judge all you want but hearing I see a cake, I see a snake, I see Jake read three hundred times wears on a person.

Past weekly shots found here.