Or the best one out of three... Two under the weather, one feeling just fine but with his fair share of sensitives...
Dominic, age 2 years: I had to cancel his ear check last week because it was scheduled at the height of Stelllaaaaa and now I'm thinking I definitely need to reschedule it. Dude is cranky, more so than the norm. This is his typical reaction to my big camera, and I have no idea why. I find it slightly funny, Matt finds it highly annoying, and Dom finds it all quite traumatic. Let's hope he doesn't have yet another ear infection this week please!

David, age 4 years: He was the only one feeling up to church yesterday. He told me tall tales on the way home of him having witnessed an accident with a green truck and a black truck on a trip he took with Poppop on the way to New York. This trip occurred on the first day of March, or maybe last February, he can't be sure. But he is quite convincing. We are having a hard time these days with what's a true story or a false story. Oh I bet his teachers hear all kinds of things...

Letty, age 6 years: She's got congestion for days lately and I just feel so bad for her until I ask her to blow her nose and she just daintily wipes it... I can only bring a horse to water, you know? She stayed home from church and helped daddy deep clean the basement which had seen better days in the toy disarray department. So she got rewarded with a few little Reese's peanut butter cups. I'm definitely okay with rewarding the kids when they clean up a mess they didn't make just to help us out. And it suuuuure was nice to come home to a house not strewn with toys.

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