This house has had a bit of the plague hanging around here these last few days. First with Dominic starting on Wednesday night and then David started in on Saturday night. So we have been quarantined. I hate being quarantined, and the kids feel the same. We normally see my parents and my sister and her family a few times a week so the absence of them is felt. Plans cancelled and the black sail raised.... So we have had lots of home play time happening in the moments that the kids feel normal. The boys set up at the island mainly, and Letty fleeing upstairs to her room.
Dominic, age 2 years: He spent the entire day Friday on the couch, barely moving, barely speaking, barely anything. Then come Saturday when he felt better it was like all this vocabulary he had saved up from the day before came spilling out, entire sentences and new words I had no idea he knew. We love hearing him talk, even if a few words come out indecipherable his expressions and mannerisms can lend to what he's getting at. The baby may be leaving him, but this stage has it's perks too.

David, age 4 years: He has finally gotten over himself and learned that he can in fact get himself dressed. He used to insist that he was unable to put his shirt on. I love how now that he has figured it out he always tucks his shirt in. We went to a local wildlife preserve in between bouts of sick on Saturday because rumor has it lots of birds migrate there. David made sure to bring his binoculars. My little shirt tucked in bird watching young man. While the birds weren't quite what we expected I think he still loved the experience.

Letty, age 6 years: She heads upstairs almost immediately every day after school. She sets up her dolls and Shopkins all over her room, spilling out into the landing at the top of the stairs. I love how she plays with abandon, not realizing I can hear every single word she says on the monitor since the unit is in the hall. I may leave that thing there until they move out, just to catch snippets of what they are up to up there.

Here's to hoping that the sick is over now and we can all get a clean bill of health. We have a lot of plans for the second half of this week and I would suuuuure hate to cancel them all. Matt's supposed to be cooking four nights in a row! Pass the probiotics!

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