winter activities for kids

I don't like to stay inside. I like to go on walks. I like to go places. I like to go do all the things. But what I do not like is being cold. During the horrid months of January and February I start to go a bit what I imagine cabin fever would look like. I pace. I start to clean lots of things. I organize the things as I clean the things. I paint and redecorate rooms. I do a lot of online shopping. 

But there is more to life! There are things I could do! Things that are inside! And for kids!

Toddler Gyms. Off the top of my head I know of three of these in our area (here and here and here). The ones by me are all church run situations. I love these. They are free and they give the kids snacks and they get their energy out. If you are the type to like such things you get to talk to other moms too. They are in the morning so it doesn't interfere with naps or bus pick ups and did I mention they are free?
Library Story Times. I mean if you were really organized you could research all the local libraries in the nearby area and plot your week out based on that, taking your kid or kids to as many as possible. I've found that a lot of them are age specific and was having issues last year finding ones that would work with preschool drop offs and would be okay for both boys. Now that the big kids are out of the picture during the weekdays (David only partially so) I have more flexibility here.

Home Depot's Kid Workshops. These are fantastic. They are the first Saturday morning of every month and the kids get to create something. Matt takes the bigger two I should say and I'm sure he does a lot of the work but they've made wooden games, a wooden firetruck, a toolbox, etc. They love it! They also have their own little Home Depot aprons and they get a pin for each craft they can collect.

Barnes & Noble's Weekly Storytime. I haven't done this yet myself but I've heard good things! I hear they do a craft and there is always that lovely train table set up there as well. Those trains aren't going to chug themselves. They also have special events on weekends sometimes, like tomorrow is this Disney Reads Day, with giveaways like bookmarks and posters and such.

That Fish Place. This place has all the fishes you can see plus more. Creepy crawlies and so on if that's your thing. It is always a good idea!

Chocolate World. I realize this one is incredibly specific to Central PA just like the Fist Place, but it is always there. Always free. And they always give you chocolate. So. Something to consider.

Mall play areas. These sort of skeeve me out but if you have a germ resilient child then why not right?

While I prefer free destinations there are several fun options locally that do have a fee associated with it but are pretty awesome...

And then there are places like.... 
Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's with those indoor play areas (only because to play you should be eating there).

And on that note happy weekend! Go on out there and get rid of that cabin fever!! And if you have any other fun things to do with kids that don't involve me freezing to death I'd love to hear it!