the organ

When Letty learned that my Grammy was permanently moving to the nursing home and that we were going through all of her Great-Grammy's things she had one question, what about the organ? Of all the things in the house, she wonders about that?? But she did....
It's been around for as long as I can remember. First sitting at the foot of the stairs in my grandparent's house in Maine. Beth playing with the keys or me playing the only hymn I knew, Christ the Lord is Risen Today.  This is my sister with the organ. The little cutie...
Then it sat at the base of a different set of stairs at my Grammy's house here, in PA. Untouched mainly, until Letty was born and liked to sit on the same bench and play with the same keys.

And now it sits at it's final set of stairs, in our basement. Where the keys are still played with. By my three. By their friends. It's lived a good full life, that organ. I have a feeling this final move will be the one that proves too much to survive, because of who my children are. But I hope that time is far off. For now I don't mind hearing the thumping tempo beat and the random notes drifting up the stairs... 
It will be well loved. For sure. And if anyone has any good "learn to play" book recommendations we are currently in the market. Haha!



  1. i cannot HANDLE how much she's grown bc i look at that baby pic and i'm like oh that was last year right? what. sigh. very sweet it has been passed down.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. wow amazing pics..they love's a great thing

  3. oh i love this!!! gosh, traditions and passing things down and memories and time passing, gets me every time. what else is there?! i love these photos of sweet letty!!

  4. So, so sweet that Letty was concerned about the organ. She looks like a pro sitting on that bench with her fingers on the keys!


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