the 100th day of kindergarten!

Well, unless you count the four days Letty missed for the cruise or the one day she missed because she had a fever... so I guess for her it was technically the 95th day of school but potato, potato...
It's like a thing now, with kids these days, to celebrate the 100th day of school. There has been a lot leading up to this point too... different activities sent home that had to be completed and returned in time for This Day. Our school doesn't do the dress like you are 100 even though that's cute and all. But they do have a party. They had quite a bit of activities scattered about her already cluttered room that all involved counting to, you guessed it, 100. Some of these photos are from her party and some are just of her from around her classroom that her teacher sent to me...
We got Letty's first report card on Tuesday. How very official we both are as parents now. Reading report cards. I was super nervous about it though, staring at the envelope for a few seconds psyching myself up to just open it. I probably will always be super nervous about my kid's report cards. I have high expectations of them. But as is to be expected the report card held no surprises. She is doing great in areas we knew she was doing great in, and she needs assistance in areas that we knew she needs assistance in. Her teacher's comments section was just the very best though! "Letty is a respectful, kind, enthusiastic and contributing member of our classroom community." That statement just makes my heart burst a bit. All the other "stuff" aside that drives Matt and I nuts with her really doesn't matter that much. She will get there. But to hear that she is good and kind and applies herself just matters so much to me. 
She's grown in so many ways these past 100 (95) days of school. She is more confident. More comfortable. She doesn't timidly leave the car in the morning; she bounds out of there with nothing but smiles for the aides, calling after her friends. She raises her hand. She contributes. She has loads of friends and seems to get along with everyone all at once. She writes. Like it's her favorite thing to do. She loves to sit at the table and copy words just for fun. She really enjoys it. She has about 34 journals littering the playroom at any given moment, practicing her Kid Writing and asking me to do the underwriting for her. Which has been a lesson for me to learn too. I've been going in to volunteer every Friday and for every party because I love to watch her from the back of the room and get to know her little friends and see how she behaves. I'd go in every day if I could. She refers to herself as an artist, just like her teacher... She gets off the bus each day with her hair in disarray and has to hug her girlfriends on the sidewalk for no less than 45 seconds. Every single day.
She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. That's a really hard job! But it's way better in my mind than a rock star.... And there you have it. One hundred (95) days in the books. What I need to know is how many are left???? I want SUMMER!!!

First day of Kindergarten here.