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 Another month gone by another time for some coffee talk!
As evidenced in all the decorating posts I've had up lately, we've (I, I have been) spending quite a lot of coin.... So. I have dubbed February a "no spend" month. I've never done that, like ever. But hey let's give it a whirl! Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll fill up and empty out e-carts at Target and Old Navy and Amazon like a dozen times each but it'll be good for me.

Oh yeah except the kids have two birthday parties to attend in February so I won't count gifts in that whole "no spend" thing, because that just wouldn't be fair...

I've been working my way through Born to Run for like, forever.... but I'm really getting in to it lately. And! There's just a whole lot of talk about barefoot running and well it all sounds pretty convincing to me. Which I know is bananas I used to see barefoot runners and mentally judge them but if you read it you might agree with me a little. Now I'm not going to be running around the development barefoot or anything because well, dirt. But I thought I'd try my foot at it on the treadmill (see what I did there?). Extremely slowly at first because I'm not a total moron I'd rather not do something very stupid and injure myself. I'm only on day three so take this for what it's worth but I will do 3/4 of a mile today (after my regular three with shoes) and so far it's great. The way I run totally changes with no shoes. I'm intrigued is what I'm getting at.

I know we are behind a few episodes but we are trying to catch up with the rest of the world on This is Us. Oh that show gives my so many feelings! Says every female watching it I know but it's just so so good!

I finally got a new phone! No more battery just dying randomly at 48%! No more odd black dot on my lens! I've really enjoyed the whole "live" feature on the photos now! I know I'm about a hundred years behind on that front but I only get a new phone when I absolutely have to. And having to sit by my phone like it was a land line in the days of olde meant I had to.

I decided now that I'm in my almost mid-thirties (I know, I shouldn't rush it) that I should probably invest in some sort of cream for my face. I just haven't used anything in the past.  I decided to try out BB Cream and so far I just love it. I probably would love anything though because I have nothing to compare it to. But there you have it anyways.

David had his picture day on Monday and I'm so anxious to see how they turned out! Hopefully better than his sister's scared face version from the fall. Letty is about to celebrate her 100th day of school next week. Which is nice and all but what I want to know is how many days are left?

The biggest news around is that we have decided we are going to be putting in a pool! Don't get all crazy, an above-ground pool. Matt's wanted one since as long as I have known him and he's super excited about it. So he has been knee-deep in planning and permits and more planning. But it's happening. And me? I'll be laughing to myself picturing Matt out there cleaning the pool like Agador Spartacus in the Birdcage.

Just for fun three of my newest (to me) Instagram accounts I follow: Grapefruit & Gold, Mallory and  Patti. Because there isn't enough time in the day for how much I love Instagram...

So what about you all? What's new with you?

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  1. good luck with your no spend! you can do it! gifts definitely don't count.
    have we talked about barefoot running before? yes be careful on the treadmill. i idiotically was a complete moron and ended up with blisters bigger than my feet. and KC hurt is ankle....6 years ago? and still can't run. so yes be all the careful.
    i still haven't watched this is us. i'm waiting for when i need extra feels in my life. also, for us to have a house so i can watch it in a separate room so KC can't make fun.
    a pool! how exciting!!

  2. omg this is us is so good. i'm glad it fills my parenthood void. and barefoot running? eek. i have a hurt knee from running monday and that alone is pissing me off. yay for the pool being decided! will be a blast. pool boy matt haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Emptying e-carts! Lol I did that all of Jan! Fill it up, move to save for later or totally delete, but hey that means we are buying less than we could have right? ;) I will be 34 in June and have been using BB cream for about a year now and love it! It's almost like a tinted moisturizer which makes it so easy! Soooo exciting about the pool :) Cant wait to see the play by play development here :) Also love Grapefruit and Gold! So many great tips from her there, especially what to use certain oils for and specific blend recipes with qty of drops!

  4. I'm also doing a no spend in February. At least it's the shortest month, so I know we can both do it :) I have mixed feelings about This Is Us..sometimes it seems like they're adding in every emotional scene ever done just to keep you crying the entire time!

  5. I feel like I spend so much more money as a stay at home mom, especially in the winter time. Curse you online shopping! Which is probably why I can't afford a new cell ha. Priorities!! Still rocking a 5s. Anxious to see davids school picture too! I'm sure it's adorable he's a good smiler. I want to watch this is us! I don't know if Steve will bite. He's anti-dramas apparently. I caught one episode before and I definitely cried. Good luck with the barefoot running!

  6. yay!! a pool!!!!! but i confess... i have no idea what the difference is between an above ground pool and the giant one yall always have out in the summer! that's totally what i thought that was! either way... pools! are! the! best!!! please hurry, summer!


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