our weekend!

Another weekend come and gone and all too soon! I spent half of this weekend solo parenting it as Matt had the great honor of going in to Manhattan to see a Knicks game with my dad, brother, and brother-in-law. Oh you know.... meals out at NYC restaurants.... no kids... a hotel bed with no kids.... I mean who wouldn't sign up for that? If you aren't a sports fan, which Matt is not. Lucky him! Is my point...

But back to it. Friday was of course our Fitz day, at their house this time. Steph whipped up some comfort food with tomato soup and grilled cheeses, the best! The kids played as long as the parents allowed them but we are tired by the end of the week and well... Matt had an early day the next day.
In the morning my mom and Lena and I went to Barnes & Noble to see about this story time they have there. It was pretty good, three stories and then free posters and book marks and coloring sheets. David ruined it of course though so I don't think he will be allowed back. My mom treated those who didn't scream and cause a scene to McDonald's.
After nap time my mom came back to our house as well as my sister-in-law and my sister and both nieces and we got Olive Garden take out. All about the bad eating this weekend that's for sure! I got some delicious pasta dish with no more than five cheeses... and those breadsticks.... 
Before Matt had left for New York he had ran over to Sheetz and gotten me a massive fountain soda.... which I then preceded to refill with crushed ice and soda all the weekend long. I am ashamed to tell you how much soda I went through. So I won't.
Sunday I took the kids to church all by my lonesome. Which actually is totally fine it's just all about logistics. Keeping track of three little humans and four jackets and parent/child stickers and all that. But there is coffee there!
After church my mom made my sister and I waffles for breakfast. I could mainline grapefruit juice.... Anyone else?
Matt came home shortly before Dom's nap and the kids were just thrilled with that, as they should be! After Dom napped we all headed up the street to a neighbor's house for a Super Bowl Party where there was soooo much food! I mean I have never seen anything like it! This picture does it zero justice. I was just impressed with some sort of dip that came in the shape of a football. We all left  stuffed with goodies and I'm sure she has a ton of stuff to get her through the coming few days, to say the least!
We didn't stay too long though because bedtimes and me being sort of strict about that sort of thing on a school night so... we finally got the kids calmed down and asleep and watched Hancock and had our wine, me all cuddled up under my blanket.
How about you all? How was your weekend?

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