our warm weekend.

We had just the nicest warmest most lovely long weekend that a February could ask for! The temperatures rose above sixty, the sun was shining, the kids played outside long and hard and they came in dirty and tired and happy. It was the perfect little reminder that Spring will come and summer will be awesome and that we can do this! The vitamin d did a body good!

Friday was our standard see our best friends night. Steph made a lovely soup that I always think is just so pretty. We had ourselves a nice night until Matt got a ticket on the way home... the kids were just certain that Matt was going to be arrested and or sent to jail forever and ever and ever. Letty can't wait to write about the whole ordeal in her journal when she gets back to school.
We had done the first coat of paint in our living room/kitchen area over Dom's nap on Friday and we spent the final hours of that evening finishing it all up. A second coat and returning all the things to their rightful place. Including the gallery wall...
Saturday Letty and I went and watched Avery's basketball game because well, she asked us too and if you are asked to go cheer on Avery you just go. We loved seeing her play and she even scored her first basket! Go Avery!! On the way home we had the windows down and the music going and it was just so refreshing!
We spent the rest of the afternoon outside, trying out the kid's various Christmas gifts. Skates for Letty, David's remote controlled truck, and Dom's scooter. The kids took the party out back and they played hard, getting super dirty and loving life!
We had Matt's brother and his family over for dinner that night and it was an early to bed for all after that day of fresh air and sunshine!

Sunday Dom woke up with a small low grade fever so we decided to keep him at home with Matt while I took the big kids to church. It was so bizarre walking in to church with nothing but my car keys, chapstick and cell phone. Priorities, right? And look! No jackets!
After church we went to my parent's house for our weekly brunch date. So yum. After we ate the kids ran all over my parent's property and around the development just stretching those little legs.
Followed by lots more outdoor play! Soaking up that sun was the name to my game if I'm being honest. I know it won't last and that the cold air will return so for now I was so thrilled to have something, you know!!
What about you all? How was your weekend? Letty was back to school today, but David doesn't return until Friday as it is conference week! Yay!

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  1. Loving all the time you guys spent outdoors this weekend!! I can just imagine how the kids imagination ran wild when he came home with a ticket and their teachers will probably call you concerned LOL! xo, Biana

  2. what a great weekend! omg matt got a ticket? lol too funny. and i spy his calves in one of those photos. can't miss em. what great weather you guys had. amazing what being outside does for the soul right? nothing like it.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Jealous of your long weekend! That soup looks delicious!!

  4. We had a really warm weekend too! It climbed to 84-86 on Saturday! In February! That’s just insane. Bummer on the ticket! Hopefully it’s not too pricey. Looks and sounds like you guys had a good weekend (minus the ticket). Loving that sunshine!

  5. ahhh we had a warm spell here, too, and i am missing it so much!!! it looks like you guys soaked it up properly!!! letty is looking SO grown up and beautiful and i can't get over it!

  6. That soup looks amazing! Anyway you can get me that recipe? :) Looks like such a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'm pretty sure my kids were sick this weekend so we didn't do much outside. uhg haha. i repeat...can't wait for warm weather and healthy kids!


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