my indoor garden

January may be gone but February isn't on my favorite list of months either. Outside is just blah up here around this time of year and that is why it's the best time to check in on my little green living things decorating the house. All of these are non-toxic and they clean the air too! Which this time of year we could all use a little cleaner indoor air! Amiright?
//Snake Plant or as I prefer to call it, Mother-in-law's Tongue. I have these in four different places and they are happy in each and every one. I've read they could survive almost everywhere and nothing I've seen would make me think otherwise. Out of all my indoor plants this one has been my most favorite. Easy to care for, does so very well here, you name it.
//Fiddle Leaf Fig. We had a few scares with Madame Fiddle Leaf. Her leaves started to brown at the edge and I was very nervous about it. I trimmed them as you can see... A friend of mine (hi Bree!) said that I should take it to one extreme or another where watering is concerned to see what the issue could be. And it turned out that after a few weeks of no watering and no more browning leaves I learned I had been over watering her. So now I probably give her a little drink every few weeks, but just a little.
//Areca Palm. This one hasn't really thrived but it hasn't died either so I'll count it as a win!
//Dracanaena. There are so many types of these you can get but this is the Warneckii kind I believe? It's actually growing despite a spill (or two) thanks to Dominic. In Dom's defense I have this plant sitting atop the wine crate where I hide our diaper changing stuff so the fact it's still alive is a testament to it's sturdiness.
//Aloe Vera. I got this from my dear blogging friend Brittany. Which was just such a treat! It hasn't grown too much since I got it but that could be because I have it by a north facing window and it may want more sun? It's doing well though despite me.
//Christmas Cactus. I inherited this one from my Grammy, as it was too large to go to her nursing home room. So it's sort of important to me that I keep it alive and well. It's just starting to bloom now which makes me so very happy! I've never had an indoor flowering plant before!
//Succulents! Just the best. I've even tried propagating them but haven't had the most success with it. Like that tall skinny number? That one is in desperate need of propagating but I'm running out of room on my kitchen window sill so I think I may need to reassess before adding any new ones....
I only water these beauties once a week, on Mondays, and a very little if that (other than succulents they barely ever get watered, maybe monthly I give them a few drops. I'm very stingy with them). I try and give all the other plants a shower twice a year, just to clean their little leaves. 
Anyone else have any plants they swear by?