david's first birthday party!

As in, a fifth birthday party, for a friend from school, that was a first for him! It was all just so very big boy, the things that happened. He got an invitation in his school folder... only the boys were invited from his class... it was something else! He's been impatiently waiting for his own very first school birthday party since his sister went to the same place earlier in the year for a party. So he was ready!
It was at Go N' Bananas which for local people you have heard of I'm sure. They had pizza and cupcakes for the kids before gift opening. David should be hired out to build excitement in a crowd I'll tell you! Each gift he would go "Wow!!! That's AWESOME!" plus clapping. It was all very hysterical. 
The boys couldn't wait to get back out there and run around in that jungle gym-type situation. Climbing and sliding and running and getting super sweaty. They also got to ride bumper cars a whole bunch of times, go bowling, and play in the arcade. I didn't think we would make it till the end of the party which was at 9, but David showed me. That kid was having the time of his life being with his buddies out and about being a big kid.
Those two boys on either side of David? They are his very best friends at school. They are allowed in his wolfpack, those two. And they are just really sweet together and I love love love watching how they interact and the dynamic?! Waiting for each other to do things, making sure all are included, I mean.... The best. And their moms are pretty great too! Way to pick em David!

I do have to say that the girl's party in the fall at the same place was a totally different animal! Girls run away and scream and squeal and just overall the octave is a whole other level. These boys? They were down right calm in comparison.... Which I know, shouldn't compare. But I did.



  1. ha you threw me with that title. i was like are we doing a throwback? hehe. so exciting for david! i mean, all the things to do and see and experience. and with friends! all deadly. comparisons be damned ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aww what a big step!!! those class birthday invites can be intimidating!! looks like he had a blast! i love it!!

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  4. awh yay David! So fun. Man kids parties these days are intense. As a kid we went to their house for a couple of games, balloons and cake and ice cream haha.


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