On the chalkboard: The biggest of my many chalkboards will stay pretty basic here for a bit. As the number of chalkboard things has increased in my home the frequency with which I update them has decreased. That makes total sense, right?
Reading: I swear I am almost done with this book! I've been reading it for like two years or something ridiculous but I am just so so close. I've tried barefoot running because of this book. It's sort of a big deal. And I promised it to Steph after I'm done so I really should just bite the bullet and finish it already.
Watching with Matt: I know. Like the hundredth time viewing. But it's always just so good! We also are all caught up on This Is Us and Homeland soo... we were waiting for Billions to start so we needed something good. Sensing a Damian Lewis theme here....
Eating: Just ask Matt, I could have cheese and pretzels at every meal and I would never tire of it. My preferred way is cheddar with pretzels dipped in honey mustard but as I basically bathe in the honey mustard I'm trying to be better by removing that part of it. Just such a tasty snack in my opinion.
Drinking: The amount of damage I can do to a case of soda with this cup around is deadly. Matt will randomly surprise me with a fountain soda and I'll be all oh! Yum! I'll finish that cup and then refill it that weekend with oh about 938948 other cans of Diet Pepsi. It's an issue.
Planning: On getting a neutral rug to go on top of this red one. No spend February is almost over people! I'm just so close! Any suggestions for kid friendly neutral affordable rugs and I'm all ears!
Thinking about: Summer! This weekend was such a tease! 
Watching on the treadmill: I find it hard to enjoy being in the basement running for 45 minutes all before 6:30 a.m. each day... shows like this really entertain and distract so, I'm a fan. And believe it or not I've never seen the entire show, just a few episodes here and there so I'm loving seeing where it all began.
As I type this: Yeah, he is the destructor. I didn't leave it this way for long though because wow, it gives me anxiety.
On the letterboard: It's a new thing! Yes! I love this board! And all the different ways I can use it! Despite what people may believe I do just love being at home. I love our home. I also love to go an adventure so... home is where I'm with you? That? This is a Laura Ingalls Wilder quote and I am sort of on a Laura kick lately so...
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