an art birthday party

Last weekend Letty had the pleasure of attending a girlfriend's birthday party and it was at the cutest place that I just had to share! For any locals anyways. The party was at Big Dream Creative Arts Studio. It's been there for two years and I've driven by it countless times and yet never stepped foot in the place. It's so fun! So colorful and decorated so well! Rainbows and paint supplies everywhere. It made me want to make art and I'm so untalented in that department!
I can only speak to the party part of the place (which was housed in the second story of the building) but I was very impressed. There were eight kids at the party and they each got to create a canvas that had a flamingo (the birthday girl's choice) and was personalized with their initial. They also made flamingo masks. They had hot dogs and popcorn and cake.... As well as a take home goodie bag from candy from their candy bar. They played games and watched the birthday girl open her gifts and it was just really cute and fun! Letty said it was "totally awesome and can my birthday party be there please?!" to which Matt and I responded, ha! Nope. We will have a pool next summer. Sorry lady, but not sorry, you'll have pool parties for every party. Forever and ever amen.
I love finding new places like this, especially in our own backyard! And I also love when parties allow parents to stay and hang out! How long that will last is beyond me but I'll take it as long as I can! For this party I'm even more glad I was able to stay... she only knew the birthday girl and then one other little girl from church so yeah. She was a bit shy at first. David was shocked to see a friend of his from his school was there as well! But ya know D, small town.... best get used to things like that happening...