a trovato valentine's

Look! Matching t-shirts! These shirts Steph and I bought Liam and David years ago and I'm so glad I thought to hunt them down because yay! Matching!
This past Saturday my parents had us all over for a little Valentine's gathering of their own... My dad slaved away for hours in the kitchen (with a little help from Sous Chef Matteo) making his homemade Chinese food that we always all loved when we were kids. And my parents gave all the grandchildren gifts for the holiday, thank you Nonna and Poppop! Letty got a Shopkins Lego set, David got Captain America and some Hot Wheels and Dom got The Hulk. Quite fitting, really.
I know that this night was just like any other time we all get together and that's fine. The kid's got Valentine's and handed out Valentine's and the adults had wine and delicious food. And we got a photo of all five grandchildren looking and Dom wasn't screaming. It's like the perfect night.
Yes, Letty took the camera for a bit as she loves to do. And yes, my brother, brother-in-law and Matt are something else and I love them every day because of it.