a snow day!

A snow day that, really, I was surprised we even had. But I'm glad we did. Everyone off of school and together in the house... Just the best. Matt unfortunately did not work from home that day which was the only bummer.
I had really wanted a snow day this year. Just a day with the kids stuck at home being together and being lazy. All three of my little ducks, all with me, all day long. So you can imagine my happiness last Thursday when that happened! The snow wasn't even that much in terms of inches, and the main roads were perfectly clear, but I guess there was drifting on back roads that led to the school deciding to close. You wouldn't be hearing me complaining! 

We all slept in and started our day slowly, the kids padding down the stairs at random intervals. We wore many many (many) layers and played in the snow again and again (and again). The kids had snow ball fights and made snow angels and played on the swing set. Letty loved using me as target practice and she succeeded in getting snow in my hood which is sort of the worst feeling. We watched movies and had popcorn under blankets on the floor. We sat by the fire with our coffee and our hot cocoa, slowly warming our fingers and toes. Letty ate her weight and then some in snow and icicles. We finished up all our Valentine's for the kid's classes at school and for family. We had a last minute lunch at my parent's that necessitated me shoveling our driveway, yuck!
It was a great day! The final trip out into the cold necessitated a big sippy cup of wine to help warm me up. As soon as Matt got home there were squeals and hugs all around and the kids went barreling up into the tub, all rosy-cheeked. I could use more of these days! Minus the whole make up day business because well, I'd rather it be summer.



  1. awww a perfect snow day!!! i am glad you got your wish!! and does letty have to make up this snow day or is that just when there are too many? because i am with you on the summer issue!!!

  2. I think the Mason-Dixon Line is the new equator. While y'all had beautiful snow and days to play, down here in Georgia it's 70's & sunny, with some severe thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.
    What a wonderful way to take advantage of an unexpected day off!

  3. I miss the snow...a little. I just miss having so many things to do. Maybe that had nothing to do with the snow, and everything to do with Alaska. Ha!

  4. the only time i loved snow was as a child and snow days were the ultimate in fun. minus the blizzards that were scary haha. i love all the snowsuits too! i can picture you sweating though. dealing with said snowsuits. haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. What a perfect day! I adore the pictures. As a child I used to pray for snow days only to be disappointed. It never snows in Texas!


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