a friend valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! It's kind of a bummer that this day falls on a weekday for those of you who like, go out and have a date type of Valentine's Day. We do not though. What we do is we have our old neighbors over and Matt cooks all sorts of fancy things and Steph brings a salad and champagne and dessert and the newest movie for the kids. That's how we do it. I personally wouldn't have it any other way. Steph also brought the kids some new holiday-themed books and these massive candy chew lollipops. She's so good to us Olsens. I just love this bunch!
Before they arrived my kids were so amped, tearing around the house just out of their minds with excitement to see their best friends and give them their Valentine's that they spent a fair share of that last hour in time out..."Parties" do that to them and that's what they kept calling this night. Our house was decked out in it's Valentine's finest, even the diffuser was in on the action with a little Embrace. Smelled so good! I don't go too crazy for this holiday though...I'm sort of eh about it.
The kids eat first, pizza, of course. And then we got them all situated in front of Trolls which is seriously becoming a favorite of all the children, even David who had a fit and a half at the movie theater. They had popcorn galore with backup bags on stand by and then it was our turn to dine...

Matt made lobster tails, chicken breasts stuffed with pancetta and cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes. All followed by Steph's heart shaped shortcake and the most delicious cream with almond extract oh my-lan-ta!
Once dinner was cleaned up the whole bunch headed downstairs to play the Kinect where they danced to their heart's content. 
Nothing says romance to us like spending the evening with our bestest of friends and our children's bestest of friends. Happy love day to all! And obviously Dom needs to learn how to do a silly face... although his may be my favorite. Ha!
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