Just around Valentine's Day David's school had this little game for the parents at pick up... guess your child's pucker. The only part of the child you saw was their kiss lips and well let me tell you, I've been kissed by David's lips a million times and I had no idea. So we lost. Parenting fail. This is what inspired my photos today...
Dominic, age 2 years: He does give kisses, on occasion. He prefers mouth to mouth rather than mouth to cheek but I'm just happy he likes to kiss me. What he doesn't like is when I bring out the camera for these weekly photos. My phone he seems to be totally fine with, even calling out "cheeeeeeese!" But not the actual camera. Ah well. And if he comes to hug you? Well just be sure you're braced for impact. Full contact hugging.

David, age 4 years: The sweetest little love bug there is. Always up for a hug and a kiss and preferably both and preferably every five minutes. You know in Trolls how they have scheduled hugging? He's the troll that would say I wish hug time was allllll the time. A hug and a kiss can really just make his day completely turn around. Who is going to kiss him next year? WHO!?

Letty, age 6 years: Oh her little pucker! I would recognize hers just about anywhere because of that little scar there on the left side of her mouth from when this happened.... Some days I can't see it at all and others I feel like it's all I see. She spent most of her Sunday just relaxing at home recovering from her week of fun so we will keep the actual kisses to a minimum.... Oh who am I kidding I'll always take a hug and a kiss from her!

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