Let's talk hair, shall we?
Dominic, age 2 years: After all these months I can sort of style his hair once more! I'm so thrilled about this. I really hated his accidental buzz cut of the fall and being able to force a part into his hair just makes me so irrationally happy. He still comes running with joy from all corners of the house when I call out "hair and teeth!" It's been a historically fun time for all three, this hair and teeth business....

David, age 4 years: He is just so cute, right? That is his saving grace with all the things. His smile lights up a room. He is the definition of wearing his heart on his sleeve. If one's heart flip flops from anger to depression to joy all within the course of a few minutes that is. I'm letting his hair grow longer I think. We have been watching a lot of old birthday dvds from past years and I miss David with his surfer boy locks (this was my most favorite of his hair styles...). Especially when summer comes. Which it feels like it is with the weather we had this weekend....

Letty, age 6 years: Around Christmas time she informed me that she wanted to cut her hair to her chin. Just like a friend of hers from school. And just like her Avery, she wanted to donate it to the wig making cause. Which is totally noble of her, to be sure. But I'm obviously a long hair type of gal. And while part of me really wonders if her curly hair would return if it were shorter (like it was here, minus the facial scar of course, just so gorgeous!!) I also am not sure I am willing to gamble. For now I've held her off by explaining she would want more hair to donate so she needs to grow it just a wee bit longer....

Past weekly shots found here.



  1. I don't do long hair on boys- which would work out perfect for me because my husband obsessesively gets his haircut every three weeks lol. Dominic's hair looks so cute. I do not see Letty in him even the slightest but I do see D and I think D looks like Letty so how is that possible?! Lolol!!!!!! I'm the same with Tori- she has the best hair (to her butt!) so I can't cut it but I'll tell you what.. brushing it is making me crazy!

  2. lol they look so cute. thank god dom's hair is growing back. and short hair is totally cute on girls letty's age. i think i had a nice bob around then :) but we hold onto things ha. i get it sister.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Awh Letty and David's hair from years back...SO CUTE! How were they that little? I think Letty would look adorable with shorter hair...and yes maybe curls will return!

  4. Your kids are adorable and have the best hair!

  5. pretty hair all around!! and you never know with those baby curls, do you! when mine were gone, they were gone, and i was left with regular waves. no complaints, but i'm for sure terrified to ever cut maddalena's!! i feel you there!!


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