I did this once before, my view looking down at the kids. It's a good thing I was wearing heels when I took these because otherwise I doubt Letty would have even fit in the frame! She's just getting so tall....
Dominic, age 2 years: Displaying a lot of his big brother's OCD tendencies, he will only eat certain brands of apple sauce. He doesn't like when I have a blanket on my lap; it deeply upsets him. He only wants fresh goldfish put into his snack bowl. Taking off his pajamas each morning breaks his heart, and man, I feel ya.

David, age 4 years: The struggle is real. Leaving Barnes & Nobles yesterday he kept yelling out that he was a horrible boy! That I should never take him anywhere! Ever! Again! Then he spent the whole ride home screaming as loud as he could because he wasn't going to get McDonald's like the rest of the kids. It's like dealing with the mentally insane sometimes around here. The emotional irritability and fits of rage... We're having fun, this stage. 

Letty, age 6 years: We had told her when she memorized her first 25 sight words that we would get her a reward.... and she finally has them down pat. At home. So we gave her half of her reward now, which is the Moana necklace that she barely takes off her body. The second half of the reward comes when she gets a 100% on her word quiz. We are already starting in with the next 25 words so no rest for the weary.

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