this weekend past

This past weekend come Friday afternoon I took great happiness in literally throwing the lunch boxes in their cabinet. Good riddance until Monday afternoon!

This past weekend we celebrated our good friend Mark's birthday with brownies and singing and lots of superhero capes.

This past weekend I made a list of project ideas I had for Matt and he completed them all. He is the Clint to my Joanna. You know, because Joanna just gives Clint a project with a tiny drawing and little instruction and he just gets it. 

This past weekend we left the kids with my parents and went out to celebrate a friend's birthday at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. And she deserves all the celebrating!

This past weekend we had the most delicious Sunday brunch at my sister and brother-in-law's house! There was a french toast casserole and ham and cheese and egg hawaiian sandwiches and I ate my weight in all of it. Woof.

This past weekend we watched six episodes of Outlander.

This past weekend I started a new book, and vowed to finish the other two I have yet to finish.

This past weekend we had pizza with Matt's brother and his family to round out the Sunday.

This past weekend I pretty much didn't take photos commemorating any of the above stuff. And I said to myself, gee Laur... Who are you?!

But I didn't steer too far off course, because I did take a photo of my coffee.....There was plenty of coffee this weekend past.
So photos or not, I was there, and it was a good weekend... this past weekend.

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