the first real snow day

I love a good two hour delay. The sleeping in. The slowness in the morning. Seeing my daughter for just a tiny bit more really started my day off to a nice start. That and having gorgeous snow to stare out at. Matt drove Letty to school and I started wrangling the boys into their snow gear. I had low expectations for Dom. But he ended up really surprising me. With each new article of clothing he would turn and run screaming... only to hear my voice of reason that the hat would in fact be necessary when going outside. As were the gloves. And snow pants. And boots. David just sat on the bench in all his winter finery shaking his head as Dom ran away screaming just to return calmly for the aforementioned item of torture. It was something else to behold.

But the bottom line is he listened to reason. And he went outside. 

He was apprehensive at first, just standing in the drive way staring at it. He cautiously touched it with his mittened hand and then assured that it wouldn't harm him he took off!
We took the party to the backyard and the boys found their summer sand toys and lasted longer than expected before we headed back inside to warmth and dryness. David popped out again a few times but not for very long. And it did make me feel bad that their sister missed out on this fun with silly old things like school. But the second she got off the bus she skipped right past her snack and headed out herself to soak up whatever snow was left.
I just love snow days! Late mornings and more sleeps! Fires and copious amounts of coffee, rosy cheeks, super warm socks and the smell of fresh snow! And hey, maybe a little afternoon red to warm up with, right? Extra bonus was that the roads were cleared and life continued on as usual. Because I don't drive on white roads. Not unless absolutely necessary.



  1. I love it! I have to admit, I was totally jealous of all the snow pics on instagram. We got the frigid temps, but now snow. After living in Alaska, I need snow to go along with the cold. It just makes sense. :)

  2. I can’t remember the last time our schools were closed, or even delayed for snow. That just doesn’t happen here in Texas often. In fact, we had snow flurries (nothing really stuck) on Friday and yesterday and today we are in the high 70s. Crazy, right? What a fun snow day for you guys. Glad Letty got to join in after school!

  3. oh kiddos in the snow!!! they are THE cutest!!! and gosh, it's hilarious the difference between snow in the north and snow in the south. we got less than you guys, i'm sure, yet school was canceled and roads were not cleared, because we just are not equipped for much snow around here. haha! so i guess we can kind of afford for life to shut down if it snows. that's probably the theory there. :)

  4. so fun. i love the story about dom and i can SEE it in my mind. that kid. and david rolling the eyes like come on buddy. david is wise. love snow angels!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. That sounds like the coziest day! And you definitely need some red this afternoon! I love that Dom was so cautious about it haha. adorable.

  6. Yeah, I still didn't bother taking the kids out in the snow. Too much of a hassle and I doubt Sydney would really even like it enough to make it worth it. When they're older for sure. Glad Dom ended up liking it though! :)


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