so what's new with you?

In the midst of playing catch up, it's time for a break and a little bit of pull up a chair with a coffee or whatever and a so what's new with you?
School. That's what new with me. Letty is back to it every day. David is back to it three days a week except we started having him eat lunch at school two days a week.... If I focus too much on that I get weepy. Why we are doing it, what it means for me next year... is his sensitive little soul ready? And then the other day while visiting my Grammy he literally read her an entire book. Cover to cover. Now when I say read I mean he was able to say word for word what was on each page. Whether from memorization (I've only read him the book once) or from deducing the sentence based on what sight words he knows plus the illustrations who cares right!? He read her a story. He also really likes bird watching. And singing a Days of the Week song to the Addams Family theme song.

All this school business of course means I turn the focus to things I can control, such as home decor. I'll probably mix up a little of the stuff in our living room, having already redone the gallery wall in December. Next up though? Is our bedroom. Matt already painted our dark espresso pallet headboard white and now we start painting all the things. Night stands and family heirloom dressers and all! I basically want Liz Marie to just take the wheel here. 

Speaking of the aforementioned paragraph on this past Monday I made Matt go to Ikea with me. Our closest Ikea is about an hour and a half away and I thought it would be a fun little road trip for everyone's last day of break. What does Trump say? WRONG! Huge! WRONG! It was awful! I just wanted all the faux little green plants in all the land (ten to be exact and they are only $3.99!) but it ended up being awful. So many people. So much traffic. So few tables in the two Panera Breads we stopped at. So few parking spaces and it was raining and just no! I won't be doing any sort of thing again on such a day. No sir. 

I've been doing a lot of laundry lately. Like a lot. I used to do it every other day but now it's every single day. Multiple times a day. Something needs to be washed. I am debating doing a wool ball/essential oil thing to remove the whole dryer sheet situation happening. Has anyone actually done this? Does it work? Thoughts?

If you follow me on Instagram and are one to notice flaws you may notice a suspicius black dot ish type thing on my photos... You can see it in the photo above. I'm so agitated by it! What did I do? How do I get rid of it? It appears a new phone is in order. I would love to get a cute but kid friendly case if anyone has any suggestions...

Do you guys do resolutions? I literally never have... but this year I just want to get back to eating normally instead of like the animal I have been the past few weeks. I also am thinking less iPad time for the kids. Locking it down tighter with David's eating (because we still have gotten no where) and also maybe some sort of closet situation over all. It's the smallest room in the house and it was the most crap stuffed into it..... So maybe 2017 is the year of the resolution for Laurie?

And just for fun here are the newest Instagram feeds I've come across that I'm loving right now. Victoria. Katerina. And last but not least Kristi. So many pretty photos in their feeds!

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  1. i loathe resolutions. just stick to the eating one i think. i just bought dryer balls on doterra and they are in the mail. mom got them and loves. plan on using with lavender oil. BOOM. also sweet david reading. be still my heart

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oh no! that sucks the ikea trip was so awful. our closest is like 3 hours away and i've only gone once - on my own, met up with a friend. i keep warning KC when i'm pregnant (i'm not) we will be going because i'll be getting some things, and he's like, why do you keep warning me? it's not going to be that bad, and i just laugh. haha. i wish i could order online but their shipping is ridiculous! i haven't done the removing of dryer sheet, but i've heard about the wool ball things and i am intrigued. i love resolutions and goals. i just like making them, even if i don't always succeed :) good luck with all the things! i don't know about that black dot, but i vote new phone because why not. i have an otterbox case. it's not cute but it's kristen-proof.

  3. Oh school! Mason started back today. It’s only been an hour and I already miss him like crazy. I can’t wait to pick him up this afternoon. Way to go David! That’s awesome that he read a whole book. We have an antique dresser in our bedroom that I want to paint so bad! But I am terrified because it’s a family piece (from Nate’s family). Eeek!

  4. I've only been to Ikea once when I was visiting a friend but we are getting one a few hours away sometime this year. I loved so much of the stuff that was there, but it really is an event within itself! My mom only ever puts half of a dryer sheet in with a load of laundry because she swears a full one is too much. I honestly don't really notice that much of a difference but it does make the box stretch a lot longer!

  5. I actually love resolutions and do monthly goals for myself. I just like checking things off or having something to work towards! I can totally understand why most people aren't into them though, so you're not alone :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Ikea...never an easy task! That is always a place I have to go alone, but then how do I get everything to my car? Because that place is more lethal than target...for me. And bravo David!!!

  7. How is David doing with two full days?? I guess this is only the first week. And reading?! What a kid! Anxious to see the bedroom renovation as I'm sure it will look lovely! Lightening things up I'm assuming?? My New Years goal is to read more....same as last year lol so obviously it didn't go so well. Uhg screen time is so hard...especially when it's cold outside and it's just so darn easy to keep Sydney entertained! I need to work on that too :(

    1. And the dryer sheets thing! Let me know if you figure anything out. They are just so bad for you they say. Not good :/

  8. I have switched to the wool dryer ball E.O mix and loove it! Totally think it works and change up what oil I use depending on the load/what I am in the mood for. Lavender for the kiddos since it has the reverse effect on me, purification from the Young Living line for extra dirty loads, etc. Love it! They are loud there's that. Resolutions! I did a word of the year again this year. This year it's growth, blogged about it if you're curious. P.S this is fast forwarding to a different post of yours but ironically I inherited an ipad for over the holidays from my mama so I am just stepping into that whole world lol but I figure it will be good for the plane ride to the Bahamas this summer no?

  9. oh school. you know how i stress about those upcoming days, so i feel ya on turning to the things you can control!!!! painting things white is a good way to go. can't wait to see your fresh bedroom!!!! assuming you will be so kind as to share. :) :) :) and oh this liz marie blog i must check out!! i have never been to an ikea, can you believe that? of ALL the things we have [which is most things] there is no ikea closer than atlanta... and i do not like atlanta. haha. i have heard it is QUITE an adventure, though!!! and i am impressed that you generally haven't had to do laundry every day. you are the house queen. please run my life!


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