our weekend

Our weekends lately have been so different from the last four month's weekends that I almost don't know what to do with myself. I see free space on a calendar and I'm a bit confused because well... that's a rare thing to behold. I'm trying to roll with it and I figure there is nothing wrong with a little relaxation and a little hibernation happening. Right?

Our Friday started off with our almost weekly Fitz dinner. The kids look forward to this all week and Letty writes about it in Kid Writing like a girl obsessed. This week we were at their house and surprisingly Dom did great and was actually a well behaved little boy, warming up to Uncle Mark something fierce, doing some serious couch fist pumping!
Saturday started with what is quickly becoming our Saturday morning ritual involving Sheetz and their bacon, egg and cheese shmiscuit. So gross in appearance. So tasty in my mouth. I worked out extra long and hard that morning for sure to compensate. 
Saturday night we had a lovely visit with Matt's aunt and uncle and their granddaughter. We don't get to see them all nearly enough so we always enjoy having them over. David is like stage five clinger with Uncle Glenn almost to the point of being disquieting. He's sort of been hung up on his Grandpa Dave (Matt's father and Uncle Glenn's brother who passed away over ten years ago) so it was almost like he clung onto Glenn extra hard that night. Like he knows somehow? I don't know it was just interesting in a psychological sort of way. And I'm so thankful we have Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue in our lives!
Sunday was our bi-weekly Sunday to go to church, which just adds some extra fun to our Sunday morning. Nothing like sweating through your shirt when you finally get to sit down and listen to the service.

We relaxed the rest of the day Sunday before heading over to my parent's house for a little Chinese. Yum!

And how was your weekend???

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