our new year's day

Back at it with these holiday posts. The last one though, I promise. Which I won't focus on the word last....

My sister and her husband always host us on New Year's Day. My niece Mikayla still being sick and some sort of football game on tv meant it was just us Olsens and my parents once more for this occasion. Beth made all sorts of tasty treats for us, smaller group not withstanding. We tried to recreate the annual grandchildren/grandparent photo but of course missing one grandchild and see also, Dominic, it did not go to plan. Letty's favorite activity to do at Aunt Beth's house is to work on practicing her sight words which makes my heart just so happy. Also taking mommy's camera and photographing all the things, like her cute little stocking feet with the heart. I love that girl. Just so much.

The old years gone and the new one is here to stay and life marches on right? Holiday Season 2016, over and out!
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  1. aw a great new years day. other than little M being sick. poor thing. and oh dom. love the pics from letty!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. awww that last photo truly is precious. looks like a fun time :) mmm that chicken dish looks SO good.

  3. How fun, even though you were missing a few. And Dom...he cracks me up ;)

  4. oh letty's little stocking feetsies are the absolute cutest!! she is a precious thing. i love how you have captured her blossoming so much... and how she has captured so much herself!!! she and maddo, kindred spirits in that photographically documenting way, ha! and what a perfect start to the new year for you guys!! aside from being sick, that is. no fun. winter is hard!

  5. Haha Dominic. There's always one in the crowd! ;) hard to believe 2016 is behind us!


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