our new new year's eve

I don't know about anyone else, but I am ready for the weekend. I was ready for the weekend on Monday night as I was packing Letty's lunch and gearing up to start back up into The School Routine. But even though it's Friday in real life, I'm still playing catch up from last weekend's festivities, with our New Year's Eve. Ever since we had Letty, and maybe even before that (my mind is a sieve) we have celebrated this night with our Fitzs. this year however, the plans changed, as traditions have to do from time to time. My father had learned of a local hotel that hosts a New Year's Eve party, complete with an indoor pool, food, kid-friendly movies and activities and complimentary wine, to name a few things. He booked us rooms and off we went, bathing suits and goggles packed. Unfortunately my niece came down with a nasty case of pink eye so they had to stay home of course, leaving my sister and her family and my parents. Rolling ten deep.
We explored the hotel (a two room suite for us little Olsens and wow!) and swam a bit before heading over to Miller's Smorgasbord where I carbed up on desserts.... before more swimming and then a screening of the Secret Life of Pets. I was shocked how well this whole thing went off, Dominic didn't even move, he was absorbed in the movie and in his chips. After the movie we went back to our suite for pajamas, cookies and mimosas. We didn't make it to midnight, and I'll blame the swimming on that one. Three kids in one pool takes a lot out of a person, old and young alike.
The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then guess what? More swimming! My kids could have stayed in that pool all day long, and had Dominic been a safer bet, we would have let them...But the man likes to run. And his lips were turning a nice shade of purple so...
We eventually headed home where everyone minus Letty took an hours long nap to recover from all the physical exertion. 

Thank you so much Nonna and Poppop for once more spoiling us all rotten and giving us something fun and different to do for the holiday! I know you guys find joy in watching all the kids splash about and swim and practice their cannon balls, just like my grandparent's did before you... The kids sure do love showing off for you guys! We appreciate you so!

And even though this made me all emotional, past year's New Year's Eve's here, here, and here.