our master bedroom redo

My quest to redo the house continues on! To our bedroom, as the post title infers. I had already transitioned to white bedding in the fall (yay!), which was really the gateway drug to the rest of the whole shebang. You can see our original before and after post when we first moved in here.

I fell in love with Liz Marie's bedroom as seen here. I really tried to do my best, right? I had Matt pull out the big guns here, making so much of it for me. And I couldn't be happier with it! Homemade just is the best I think. I may have said that a time or two lately... We didn't paint the walls in this room, but that doesn't mean we didn't paint a lot of other things. We redid the hardware on Matt's dresser, spray painting the brass handles black. I painted the legs and bases of our nightstands and distressed them with sandpaper. I also painted my Grammy's dresser and mirror that are probably somewhere around 70 years old, spray painting the hardware on that piece as well. Matt had painted the headboard sometime in December...
I'd love to link to all the things but unfortunately so much of it is either all home made or things we already owned from forever and a half ago, or my mom gave them to me. The little plants are from Ikea of course, as are the galvanized pots they are in. The white faux fur rug is also from Ikea. The table lamps are from Walmart and I can't get over the price on these! I may be getting more for other areas in the house (sorry Matt). Our duvet cover can be found at Target here and it is actually on sale right now, 10% off with code HOMESTOCKUP till the 21st. The candlesticks were either from my Grammy or from The Home Decor Warehouse that I painted white and distressed with sand paper. The giant glass jugs are from Matt's days of olde as a wine maker. The books were just hardcover books I covered in brown construction paper...The "We still do" sign I painted myself. All the assorted baskets were given to my by my mother. The shelf and window frames were all created by Matt, as was the pallet headboard... The ivy wreaths my mother made with some spare ivy she had lying around. The curtains I made myself and I explain that here.

So that's it! I'm really enjoying the way this room is lightened up now. It was so dark before. What are your thoughts?