our final january weekend

And goodbye to you January! See you never!

Our weekend started for me right after I got home from volunteering at Letty's class. I have no idea how any teachers do it I just want to hug you and give you a massive glass of wine or cup of coffee or something. Goodness. We had a nice visit with a friend of mine from high school that I haven't seen in forever followed by our Fitz Friday.... The kids did a lot of basement dancing with that Kinect thing? It has been years since we busted it out but such fun. Even if it did take David like an hour of whining about before he would try it. I even took a very blurry photo of the other two nailing it.
Saturday we had nothing planned and it was driving me insane, all this free time. I worked out and just generally paced the house. I finally decided I would take the bigger kids to see an afternoon showing of Trolls at this theater that only shows movies on their way out for $2.50 a ticket. Quite the deal! I dragged a neighbor along as well as her little girl and off we went! And David ruined it for me with lots of sobbing and crying. So he won't be going back for a long time. But the movie was so good! Love all the songs!
Matt did bbq ranch chicken wraps for dinner on Saturday night since it was just the five of us. After the kids went to bed covered head to toe in various oils (see: colds for all!) we watched Suicide Squad. 
Sunday was even more lazy than the day before! Bananas. But it was okay. I did laundry and packed the kid's lunches and got the kids to do all their homework..... It makes my head spin a bit gathering up stuff for the upcoming week. I made the mistake of writing on Letty's napkin the first day of school and now it's like a thing. She especially likes when I draw faces inside the folded area.... and so it is done. And yeah David won't eat a thing I packed him.
I have been selling a few things on Facebook's Marketplace and on Sunday all my crosses sold so Matt met the buyer and then of course because he was so close he brought home this...
While the kids suffered with a home prepped lunch by moi....

The rest of the day was more of the same as before... making messes in the playroom and relaxing and napping and the like.

It was a very typical weekend for January. Lots of at home time and lazy days. Here's hoping February picks up a bit more am I right? How was everyone else's weekend? I know it's Tuesday but let's pretend otherwise...

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  1. well that's not a bad weekend! i'm always glad if i can get one good night in during the weekends (read, your friday). and those buff ranch chicken wraps. damn you matteo. now i want one. all deadly. lovely napkin idea. i think my mom did the same thing. see how much i remember? ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I think that's so cute that you write on her napkin!

  3. Can you believe January is over? That month flew by! The kids watched Trolls last Friday while the adults had bible study! They seemed to love it. What is the whale pouch inside of David’s lunch pail?

  4. Uhg sorry the kids have colds...hopefully they are on the mend! Fingers crossed my kids have been healthy the whole month of january I can hardly believe it. Davids still not eating his lunches :( I bet he's so hungry when he comes home from school! Bummer about David poorly misbehaving during the movie, at least you tried! I'm seriously considering taking Sydney to see Beauty and the Beast. We watched the trailer together today and she was mesmerized. It will probably be a huge mistake lol.

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  6. Such sweet and happy photos) I'm so happy for you! My children grown up already. But I still remember how small the were) All that everyday activities: room cleaning, homework assistance, lunch making - i never thought I will miss them. But i am! So please, valuate such moments with your children.


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