our final hersheypark visit for the year

Which, I mean, I didn't know was going to be the last visit when we went there but that's just what happens at times when one is counting on the weather to cooperate. And I just really hate being cold. And and and! Dressing three kids in several layers is just such a sweat-inducing mess I really try to avoid at all costs. On a day last week my sister, niece, mom, and the kids headed up there because the temperature was supposed to be just positively spring-like. And lucky us, our sources did not disappoint. Unfortunately every other person also thought this was the best day to go and so it filled up quite quickly. We still got a lot of rides in and of course, a final December ice cream.

When I got home this day I had it up to my ears with Dom and his fits but as I type this up it has faded to a point I barely remember. And that is why I keep trying things with him, because I quickly forget his behavior. It's the only way to get by.

So our dear Hersheypark... we had a great first season with you and look forward to many more to come! See you in the spring! Oh and please finish construction over by the really good pretzel place. You know where. We need those pretzels.