diy no sew drop cloth curtains

In my quest to redo our entire home, (I'm only slightly joking, but we have done a total overhaul on three rooms since school went back in session and are currently in the middle of a fourth) I decided one day to have Matt remove the vertical blinds in our living room and while he was at it remove all window treatments in there. I let it stay that way for a month or so... and while it was fine, it was sort of naked. Money during the holiday season being what it is, we weren't going to do anything for awhile (re: Matt hoped never). So when I stumbled upon this idea for canvas drop cloth curtains I immediately sent Matt every pin I could find! Affordable. Easy. Washable!  And I love the way they turned out!
All you need are drop clothes and drapery rings with clips. I used this drop cloth and these rings. Amazon has a ton of options as far as drop clothes and drapery rings goes if you prefer online only shopping which is usually my game. I went with black rings but that's only because I had black rods in mind to use that we already had in our possession.
I originally had planned on doing a total of six panels (the total cost was going to be around $10 a panel which is a steal). I got two packs, 9' x 12' each. I washed them and they shrunk a little, but only by a little less than six inches in each direction. This is where I discovered I had a bit of a problem. Both packs had the same label and came from the same spot but they were different. A slightly different material and color. Not to mention a glaringly obvious difference of a seam vertically down the one and two seams horizontally on the other. I had been planning on three panels from each cloth but that obviously wasn't going to work because I didn't want two different panels on one window. So. I ended up with five panels and then just some extra fabric that I turned into a table runner for our kitchen and also a pillow cover. Waste not, want not.
After I finally conceded that I couldn't get that sixth panel I just took to cutting. I tried my best to stay straight and to be even but hey, these are meant to be rustic curtains right? You could have hemmed these the old fashioned way with needle and thread, or with hot glue or even fabric tape, but I chose to have my edges be nice and rough.
We had no rods up before this project so I sort of just hung the rods where I wanted them and then folded over the fabric to get it to the height I wanted. On my two living room windows I just hung the rods exactly where they needed to be for the clothes to just grace the floor. So that's it. Just hang as is if you have the length or just fold over to the height you need. Super easy. And no sewing! And so cheap! And I just love them. They really added a certain something to the room and I couldn't be happier.
And it's all because I saw this on Liz's Instagram account and went all heart eyes over it. I just love her style and her home and wow. Fangirl. Right here.

And now I want to drop cloth curtain all the rooms in all the land.