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diy large wood letters


Have I mentioned we are redoing our master bedroom? Well. We are. There is a large wall opposite our bed that we have never touched. There was a painting of a magnolia on that wall when we moved in that the previous homeowners left and since the colors matched our bedding we just let it go. This was obviously no longer going to suffice. 
I took the framed photos of my family on their various wedding days and moved them from above the bed to across from the bed. And then I had Matt make me a giant M and a giant L. And I do mean giant. They are something like a foot wide by three feet high. Go big or go home.
Matt went to Home Depot and got a large piece of plywood. I just penciled on the letters based off of a "serif font" search on Pinterest to find the ones I liked best. It was actually easier to draw them on than I thought. I just used a yard stick. The vertical lines are the width of two yard sticks, the horizontal/diagonal ones are only one yard stick width. That's really all I did, just making sure that I had my yardstick level and all that. 
Matt then took my dad's jigsaw and sawed away. Followed by a sanding and then two coats of spray paint in a satin black. We used the same hangers we use on a lot of our homemade signs on the back so it could hang on the wall.
And done! What do you guys think? Matt wagers it cost less than $10 to make our very own custom letters (it's hard to tell when I've got him making all sorts of things all sorts of the time). I love homemade things and well hey, if they are cheap I love them even more! I think they are perfect for our bedroom!

Here are some other super fun diy woodworking type projects that I may just need to put my Handy Matty on!



  1. This looks amazing!!! You guys are quite the design team :)

  2. oh i just love the stuff you guys do! and i really love the wedding photo collection. i need to consolidate my family wedding portraits somewhere!

  3. ok i love how long and sleek they are. and black. like my heart. kidding. just bc black is timeless. and i love the photo picks! oh memories.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. You guys are so crafty and good! This looks awesome. I love the photos, too!

  5. oh i love these! they really are quite big. so fancy. i also love the various wedding day photos - what a fabulous idea :)

  6. I found this fun tutorial from Kelsey over at Pardon My French - I love this!

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