christmas day

Did everyone have a nice time this weekend? The passing of time is never something I'm a big fan of so this time of year always leaves me with a little bit of nostalgia. Good thing I have another Christmas post to keep me warm! Because the house is back to its old August state and come tomorrow Letty returns to school... So.  I need to milk the last of Christmas for all it's worth...

Christmas dinner is cooked by my very own Chef Matteo. He slaves away in the kitchen and I slave away setting the table. I channel my inner Betty Draper and just try and make it look the most festive it can possibly look, when half of the table is in the playroom. There's only so much that can be done but I try. Matt made chicken cutlets, penne in vodka sauce and some sort of steak roll that just had a really fancy name but I kindly referred to as "his log" all day long. I'm such a peach. We had leftover cold cut bread and desserts as well from the night before.  And as per the usual, Letty had my camera for a lot of the evening...
After our bellies were stuffed the men in our lives headed off to see that Christmas office party movie while the women took the children home. That very well may be the most gender stereotypical sentence I have ever typed  but that's just how the cookie crumbled that night. Which is fine because I curled up on the couch with Letty and some wine (for me) and popcorn (for her) and we watched Holiday Inn. And I was in leggings and Matt had to wear real pants. Who's the winner here people?

And there you have it. Christmas Day itself over and out. Break is done. And I could have used another month, at least.

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