choo choo barn

Days off from school are days I want to fill right on up with the very best of activities. I don't want to waste a day right? So on MLK day (which Letty explained to me as a day for "King Junior who was a man with good words who got shot and died") my mom and I took the kids to what I heard was an awesome place, The Choo Choo Barn. I started to type that I can't believe I've never been here before but the truth is it cost money and so I normally avoid those types of things. 
I really thought the boys would love it, seeing as it was a huge room filled with hundreds of trains. Letty loved searching out little hidden things though too. It was one large room and the kids could just keep circling the displays, which we did three times. I've heard that when it gets busy it can take like an hour to do one loop so I was glad we had the place almost to ourselves.

They gave me a stool for Dom so he could peek over the side for a better look. There was a ton of smushed noses and the like coming from him. He liked it more than I would have expected, probably because I normally keep the lowest of expectations for him and his behavior.

My favorite part was seeing the little Dutch Wonderland. Oh the memories we have at that place! Dom found much joy in the circus set up. Letty loved watching the house catch on fire and the fire engine come out and the hose turn on and so on. David loved the tunnel and being able to use buttons to start up certain things around the display. Every few minutes the lights would darken and you could see all the Christmas trees lit up and other various lights. So much detail in this place! And I got a little bit of a work out in picking up the boys to see further in to the center of the display.
After leaving the kids just had to ride on Thomas and my mother just had to oblige them, as grandmother's do. Thank you Nonna for joining us on yet another one of our adventures!
I'm so looking forward to having my kids with me each and every single day! School is for the birds. Except kids, it really isn't.