an olsen christmas

I always enjoy being able to spread out our Christmas just a bit. Certain days with my family and certain days with Matt's family. If we can, we try and schedule Olsen Christmas at a time when Matt's youngest brother is in from Oregon, which we were lucky enough to be able to do this year.

We had good eats, Caesar salad and stuffed shells, with mulled wine and the like. The kids opened gifts from their aunts and uncles. Letty got an Elena dress and a whole bunch of Shopkins loot, her favorite! David got Lincoln Logs, a Blaze beanie and some fun truck books and this really neat puzzle block man. Dominic got a fun t-shirt, some books, a Blaze beanie and his very own remote control car that he can actually drive! 

Can everyone tell which photos Letty took? Just look at her uncle's faces and you can tell who was on the other side of the camera. We also took our annual Olsen family photo, changing as it does through the year. We were only missing Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue! Next year guys!

Oh my sons. My sons. And just so we are clear here, David requested a funny face photo and well, we all just oblige David.

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