a weekend at home, mostly.

It's been about half a lifetime since I linked up with Biana for a little weekending round up, and our unusually slow "at home" weekend felt like just the time to join back up!

Our weekend started out with a lovely unexpected snow day. I knew snow was coming, obviously, but I tend to think weather people are wrong and that the beloved snow day will never come. But it did come. David staying home from school completely and Letty having a two hour delay. 
Most of Friday was low key, with Matt and I working on some home projects for our master bedroom, I finished redoing our nightstands as seen below. And of course lots of rounds of donning the kid's snow clothes so they could head out and come right back inside. Friday night was dinner with my family at my parent's house. A last minute Chinese meal is just the way to round out a snow day in my opinion. Letty stayed up a little with us, watching tv and munching on her popcorn which is her most favorite.
Saturday morning Matt took to the big kids to Home Depot for their monthly Kid Workshop. This month was a tool box, which came home in various brightly shaded colors. Matt and I worked on various projects for our master bedroom again, me with my dresser and Matt doing all sorts of crazy things out in the frigid garage. The kids did a lot of moaning about the mysterious loss of Netflix and Kids YouTube apps from their iPads. So so curious, how those apps were deleted...And there was another dusting of snow when we all woke up!
Dresser sneak peak, it was my Grammy's so it's sort of nerve wracking tackling a 70 some odd year old piece that has family value....But I love the way it turned out!
Saturday night we let Letty stay up late again, this time we watched The Martian, a movie she really likes a whole lot and since I'm reading the book I felt like it. Love that Mark Watney.

Sunday was our weekend to go to church. We have an every other week goal and well, it was the on week. Then followed our weekly brunch date at my parent's house. And since a few people commented my boots, which I love, can be found here.
After brunch we returned home to put some finishing touches on the master bedroom and the clean up that can be involved in all the construction that was happening this weekend. She's almost there, that's for sure. Here's yet another sneak peak. 

Sunday evening just came to soon if you ask me. The kids were going a little stir crazy but it was far too cold for me to send them outside to burn off some energy so we just dealt with it. I'm going to need to ante up my list of indoor activities for them this winter I think. We had an early dinner and an early to bed night all around. Monday mornings sure can take it out of us...

So while we pretty much didn't sit down once while we were home this was still a low-key weekend for us. Normally we are going all over the place! So, how was your weekend? Much more exciting than ours I'd wager?