a foyer that got some "tweaking"

I'm totally Tom Hanks with the "tweaking" right now. "Tweaking." He's.... married, two kids.

Anyways. The foyer. This is something like it's third change? Fourth? Here is the foyer after the floor was replaced. Here after the foyer was painted. And this was a week after we moved in to this home.

I rounded the corner one Friday morning a few weeks ago and said huh. This red wall must go. It must be gray like the rest of the foyer. We had the paint, we had the primer, and that morning it was done. So that's what started it. A sudden whim and the available supplies. This then morphed into every item that was currently hanging in the foyer to be removed and replaced (my mother is so thrilled the crosses are gone). See also Matt had a lot of projects to do. 

These projects included tiny rudimentary drawings by yours truly and hastily measured dimensions on a piece of paper that I handed off to the husband extraordinaire. I kept calling him Jimmy John from Fixer Upper but that's not right, Clint is her wood working guy. He makes all the things she wants with like, no real idea what she means. But Jimmy John is way more fun to say. So Jimmy John had a honey do list.

The projects were: make a new bench seat, make a shelf with knobs to hang stuff, make a pallet backing for three square candle holders, and lastly make a chicken wire frame. All four of these made with things he had leftover from our bedroom redo. And he was off! In something like a day? He's a madman and God love him for it!

And so here it is! In all it's glory... I'll link to whatever I can but don't hold your breath... You know how we are around here with things from home or refinished old items, etc.


The wall color is Polished Silver by Valspar. Lamp from Walmart. Topiary Set from Amazon (I have gotten two of these sets and I love them! They are adorable and can fit in any number of places!). 5 pillow from Home Decor Warehouse. Framed "You'll Never Know" print I made with pen and paper. Bushel and a Peck pillow cover from Amazon. Green Plant from Ikea. Galvanized pot from Ikea. Galvanized Chalkboard Sign from Target Dollar Spot a few years ago. "O" cut out by Matt. Letter Board from Amazon. "Home is Where I'm with You" print I made with pen and paper.

I think that's it. So what do you guys think? Other than I have an illness and Matt is a saint?



  1. well this is extraordinary! i really like the removal of crosses too. not your style anymore. oh how it has changed! but hasn't all of ours hah. you went from full blown italian to chic and rustic. and i went from beachy to minimalistic. GROWING UP and all that haha. also go matt!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Wow! It looks amazing. Your hubby is talented. Can I send him my list of to-do's? haha

  3. psssh that's the best illness i've ever seen ;) you got talent, it must be done and shared. haha. i LOVE the paint colour. gorgeous!

  4. The shelf with knobs! I love it! Can I just borrow you two if and when this whole house buying things concludes? I'm basically having nightmares about where to put anything. I am not sure I have a decorating bone in me.
    And, the tweaking lol. I had a hard time reading the rest of the post because I kept giggling.

  5. I mean dang! it's like y'all bought a new house or something! Looks so so great!

  6. matt really is a saint!!! this is so fun, all your newest nestings!! i love it!!!! the shelf with the knobs, i just am fawning over so much right now!!

  7. those signs were done free hand?! I can hardly believe that. The foyer looks so so good! I just added the topiary set to my amazon wish list ;)


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