I know I said I wouldn't do a weekly photo series ever again, and at the time I sure meant it, but yet... here I am once more. I enjoyed reading through some of these old ones remembering little bits and pieces of the kids that I shared that I have long since forgotten. So that's why I'm going to be annoying you all each Monday with photos of the kids. For me. And maybe for their Nonna too (hi mom!). Annnnnd just like the first time I was late to the game this year but ah well. Details. I look forward to the self-induced challenge once more!

A photo of each of my children... once a week.... for the year. Aren't you excited!? I thought I'd start off with a little introduction...
Dominic, age 2 years: This face says it all, am I right? Life is just so very hard when you are two. Or the youngest. Or Dominic. Life is rough. His favorite past times include trucks, trains, dinosaurs, and clothes-lining his big brother. Oh and let's not forget screaming. He's gotten quite good at apologizing with a quick (gentle!!) hug. And there are rare moments where he'll just look up at you and grin the cutest grin. And every morning when I walk into the room he calls out hi mommy!! So we tend to forgive the screaming easily enough.

David, age 4 years: This face says it all, am I right? It's very hard for me to understand David in a lot of ways. He's constantly surprising us with how smart he is, but then he refuses to eat vanilla yogurt that has a different store brand label. He's sensitive and stubborn and has "middle child syndrome" as his middle name. He has yet to meet a train he doesn't like and has great aspirations of being an engineer on an engine. Or a garbage truck driver. Or a fireman. But definitely getting his CDL is on that list. And when he's thirty-four? That's when he will start eating other foods. But not a day before.

Letty, age 6 years: Someone grew over night. She's taller and leaner. She has lost a great deal of the preschool mannerisms and speaks clearer. She's showing interest in the business of learning and loves school and her teacher and her friends. She's gone so much of the day off in the world doing all sorts of unknown things and comes home each day keeping all those things secret from me. She recently told me she wants to be a teacher so whatever they are doing, must be fun. Oh and this girl? She knows how to play Matt and I like a fiddle.

Past weekly shots found here.