who dominic is at two years.

So I suppose at the ripe old age of two one can no longer be referred to as a baby. Is that the general consensus? He's a toddler now?
A few months ago my sister-in-law had gotten a "2" balloon for her daughter's second birthday and thought that since she had it she would put it to good use taking photos of the balloon with Dominic and also Lena, separately. I never say no. Ashley could suggest the most ridiculous of photo shoots and I would be like yes! When! Where! I just love the moments that she captures of my family and I know I'll treasure them forever. So thank you to her! 

But anyways back to my darling two year old... sniff.

We are finally talking! Nothing crazy here, I mean the man still has serious issues expressing his feelings, but he is at least able to repeat practically anything and say please and thank you and the like. He can communicate what shows he wants on tv or if he requires help with something... Screaming is still his number one form of communication but we are working through it. He's got his own agenda and he's unwilling to budge an inch from said plan.

He likes to get up prior to the arrival at the sun. Anywhere from the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. He still takes great naps and he does sleep through the night, surrounded by six of his closest stuffed friends, several trucks or trains of his brothers and a book or two. Not sure where he got this hoarding business from (ahem, me).

We are still working on his eating, just like his brother. We just don't push it with him because we like our ear drums intact. He does do great eating apple sauce or bananas so there is a redeeming side to him. Plus he likes pasta. One can sneak all manner of things in pasta. Just don't say the words "ice cream" in his presence unless he is able to gettheicecreaminhismouthrightnow.
Dom so badly wants independence. He wants to be able to play upstairs in his room or alone in the basement or climb the stools and sit at the island. And I'm trying, I am. But he's just so little. He does so many things that I would never have allowed Letty or David to do at his age but because of his furious and outspoken personality we let him do things in little pieces...We no longer have baby gates in the house. Why? Because he just goes up and down the stairs as he sees fit. It's terrifying.
He has been actually getting along with his brother which is a massive improvement. Instead of fighting over the trucks and diggers and trains now they somehow can figure out how to play together. David has definitely gotten more patient with him and more sharing in nature and now they are almost like two little buddies. They can understand each other in ways I sure don't comprehend.
Dom is exhausting and infuriating and adorable and lovey and yeah. He's impossible to describe. But if you know him, you get it. And always protect yourself. He's strong and violent. I'm lucky I still have all my teeth....

And now he's two! Yaaaaaay! The terrible two's!!!! Yay.