stocking stuffer ideas for kids

With the influx of toys that I just know is coming our way here shortly I felt that the kid's stockings this year should be more of the responsible (yet fun!) variety as opposed to just being the toy variety. In other words, things that they will definitely use that I would have to buy more of anyways? I'm a gas, I know. Also with the coming year I have a general goal in mind (I never use the term "resolution") to use less chemically-type things on the kids. The other day I saw Letty rubbing tubby paint into her legs like lotion and I was horrified to read the chemicals that were in that. Anyways. Like I said, general goal. As I crack open another Diet Pepsi... Baby steps. Here are some ideas of things that will most likely be gracing my children's stockings this Christmas Morn. Santa (and mom!) approved.
1. Rocky Mountain Oil Roller Balls for kids! I love Rocky Mountain Oils. I have normally made my own little roller ball of diluted oil for the kids but these? Already done up and with more oils in them than I have at my disposal. The Counting Sheep one is phenomenal. Matt rolls it on himself actually. Check out their kid's line, they have so many safe options for kiddos! My kids think it's a great time too because they get tickled? Kids are odd. I hate being tickled, personally.

2. Ickle Baby Bot and Twilight Bath Bombs. My kids got these as a gift actually over the summer and it started this bath bomb obsession with them! It's a daily question, can I have a bath bomb? These from Ickle smell fantastic, hello lavender! They color the tub water, use only natural ingredients, and some of them even come little flowers or hearts. 

3.  Thermos Foogo Water Bottle. We have been using this for Letty to take to school for two years now and it has held up so nicely! And it's BPA free and dishwasher safe and hey, insulated! 

4. Suncoat Girl Nail Polish. This is how nail polish and Letty go together. Paints nails. Chews nails and paint comes off. Paint goes into mouth. Yuck! These are water based nail polishes and they boast to be the most natural nail polishes in the marketplace... Worth a shot!

5. Stainless Steel Shopkins Earrings. Letty has worn the earrings that she was pierced with for the past few years and I love them because they don't fall out! But she wanted a change and so I let her wear a pair of my gold hoops and low and behold she lost one. So if she's going to want to wear other earrings and she is going to lose them might as well not be expensive ones. But! If she is anything like me she has a sensitivity to cheap metals? Like itching like crazy. So stainless steel it is!

6. Play-Doh. This is only on here because our Play-Doh bin is dangerously low on supplies and they are cheap and a good filler and who doesn't love Play-Doh? Me. I don't. I do however love their more expensive cousin, kinetic sand.

7. Bubbles. Again, a super cheap filler that every kid goes nuts for. And also something that kids go through like water. Which happens when you dump the entire bottle on the first go of it. 

8. The Honest Company Organic Lip Balm. Again here with the chemicals and all the things. I am a full on Chapstick addict. Like have one in every pocket and every drawer. With the winter months here and the bigger kids playing outside at school every day chapped lips are a thing. So they might as well use something fun and organic, yes?

9. Flower Seed Packets. This may seem totally random but my kids love to watch things grow! Letty planted an apple seed last summer and she loves to go out there and check on its progress. I keep telling her that Rome wasn't built in a day but alas, check she does. What better gift than flower seeds? Something to look forward to in the spring and hey hey! Make my yard a prettier place!

I am also thinking I'll include some homemade coupons for a later bed time, movie night, extra treat, etc. Can't beat the cost of that am I right? And the bigger kids are just going to love that! Of course I'm sure I'll throw a few pencils or Hot Wheels or play packs from the dollar section at Target in there just to even it out or fill it up so to speak. Can't go wrong with any  of those!

What about you guys? What are your "go to" stocking stuffers?