scrabble ornament, a diy

This really is a continuation of yesterday's post but still, a different ornament, a different post. Once the kids had their ornaments done then it was on to ours. Last year's was quite hysterical but didn't turn out the way we would have liked, for sure. This year we were very pleased with the results! 
Items you need:
Scrabble tiles (we had an old game so we took them from that)
Oaktag or thick paper
Ribbon to hang ornament
Masking tape
Hot glue gun
Paper plates

Start by gathering up your saying. Some that we came up with: Let it Snow, Merry and Bright, Joy to the World, Feliz Navidad, Oh Holy Night, and so on and so forth. Ho ho ho was also tossed around. Once that's decided then line up your tiles, row by row. Then use masking tape over the tiles (letter side up) to keep them together. Then trace the entire thing on oaktag. When you cut that out be sure to cut inside the lines so you won't have any over hang.

Then just hot glue the tiles right to the oak tag. I didn't remove the tape until after the glue was dry, it made gluing a breeze! Once the tape is removed I glued the ribbon on for a hanger. Then comes the messy part! Adding the snow! You can use your finger or a paintbrush, doesn't matter. Just schlep it on there wherever snow might fall should your ornament be outside in the event of a blizzard. The stuff takes 24 hours to dry so I just laid it on a paper plate and took it home that way. 
Super fun right? Scrabble tile all the ornaments!

Oh, and I had a cannoli! Thanks April!
Thanks once more mom for not only coming up with the plan but supplying the mission as well! 

Past ornament nights here: 2015. 2014. 2013.



  1. oh i really like this one. we need: the critics. or julie & moi. I don't think scrabble has an ampersand. ah well :) haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I just adore these! Where does one find oaktag?

  3. Never heard of oaktag but love the scrabble letters. I wonder if you can buy just letters. Chris loves scrabble so I think he would frown upon stealing any letters

  4. this is seriously brilliant and so crafty! i would absolutely stuff it up. haha.

  5. These are so cute!! Whatever will you come up with next? I don't know, but I can't wait to see :)

  6. I love this! Even I think I could do this! haha

  7. these turned out so cute!!!! i have to admit... i have not heard of oaktag?! this must be an aisle i skip at the craft store?! i do not like not knowing things! but a fiiiine job you did schlepping your snow, m'lady!!


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