rosemary wreaths

It started on Thanksgiving... me with a need to make our holiday tablescape something special for those joining us for dinner. But also affordable and well, realistic as I have three little children running around and we put all the food right in the center of the table and all that. My chargers broke last year and I haven't gotten around to replacing them... with what I'm just not sure. Anyways. I was looking for some greens to put on my Grammy's scale that I recently painted and distressed and saw my rosemary plant that somehow I have yet to kill (I always kill rosemary over the winter, why is that?) and that's when it came to me. I shall make little wreaths of rosemary for my scale. And then! If I have enough come Christmas Day I shall also make little place cards for my family too! Or I'll just go buy sprigs of rosemary. They can't be that expensive yeah?
I soaked the rosemary for a few minutes so it would be more pliable. Then, using thin wire I created my wreath. This was all I did for the scale. 
For my place card practice run I just tied a cute little bow of twine at the top and cut out a little tag from white paper and there you have it! Letteria's place card!

I get a lot of comments about my handwriting... and I assure you penmanship (and cursive, yuck!) was never my thing. But I learned a trick somewhere once (probably from Joanna Herself). This trick is, whenever your pen is going down, thicken that line. So I just use a regular pen I stole from Matt's office and anytime the pen goes down I thicken that area of the letter. It also helps to look at them as lines not letters. That's how I do it anyway.
How. Cute. Are. These?!

Now I have no idea how long they survive. Does anyone know?

Oh and hey happy birthday to my sister! She hit the prize with the shortest day of the year am I right? I hope you have the very best day!



  1. So so cute! You've done it again with your great ideas! Love this :)

  2. You do have beautiful handwriting! Clever idea, too. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  3. well if these aren't just gorg. i feel like i can smell them right here and now. and your handwriting is def lovely. i think it gets better and better

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Fun writing tip! I hated cursive so much in school. I was so happy when I got to that grade where we no longer were required to do all of our school work in cursive. Best year ever.

  5. ahhhh you are sooo speaking my language here!!!!!!! i love these!!!! thanks for the inspo, lady!!!

  6. All the yes! The Rosemary wreaths are adorable and so festive!


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