reindeer food

There was a day last week when I started to feel a bit panicky that Christmas was happening so soon. But there was so much yet I wanted to do! I should just take the tree down now because in a blink it'll be over anyways, might as well get it over with. David will be in kindergarten soon! Real sane thoughts, I'll tell you. How many ways can I blammer on about how fast time is going by and how I don't like it and it makes me sad and nostalgic and it makes me feel helpless and I just want my babies to stay young and home and safe forever and ever? If anyone has a better way I'll be pleased to hear it.

So that all brings me to a Saturday. A Saturday I deemed a day of festiveness. I tried to squeeze every last drop of Christmas out of that day. And one such item on the to do list was making reindeer food. I've never done this before but what the hay! All you need are oats (ours were expired, whoops) and glitter and sprinkles. All kinds of glitter or sprinkles will do. Just mix them all together in a bowl until they are sufficiently glittery and sprinkly.
I just cut the top off of Ziploc bags and had all these grand ideas to make it look pretty but the kids wanted to staple and so I let them staple. The little poem thing I just made my own on PicMonkey.

So come Christmas Eve you may see the two bigger Olsen children running rampant sowing their wild oats... oh wait. Scratch that....



  1. lol that last line. i heart you. and reindeer food?! who knew? i'm so behind the times. you have such a head for knowing.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. This is adorable. If you figure out how to keep them tiny and living at home forever, help your girl out over here.

  3. This is so cute! Will have to give this a try as well! That last line! Dying! Love your play on words, always.

  4. omg first paragraph me ms me me me. i freaked out, too!! christmas will end in practically an hour at this point and then they're off to college so WHAT AM I EVEN DOING?! no sanity, i won't even fake it. ;) but i also lost s full week of merriment being sick with the kiddos so... legit no sanity. but!!!! this reindeer food is so cute and fun!!! m would love this! and the poem looks so adorable.

  5. I already asked you 304 questions about this on FB! But I have the ingredients and we are so doing of these days. Only a few left =)


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