our tree farm photo shoot

So the facts? These were taken by Ashley of Wishbone Photography (my wonderful sister-in-law) at the Family Tree Farm in the neighboring county of York.  

So the story? Dom ruins all the things. He screams when you put him down. He screams when you pick him up. He screams when you hand him the snow (potato flakes). He screams when you don't hand him the snow. He screams when you put him in the cutest of tents. He screams when you put him in the wagon. He screams when you ask him to pull the wagon. He screams when you call his name to look towards the camera. He's such a disaster. Yet still, Ash got some great photos, especially of the bigger two, despite a certain almost two year old with anger management issues. 

Dom was happiest just wandering around the field picking up sticks or rocks... and the first smile of the day came to be because of a giant hole in the ground where he could throw said rocks. Who needs props and tents and wagons when one has a hole boys can throw things in? So why do I even do this to my family and my sister-in-law? Well, tis the season, you know. It's Christmas, and we're all in misery. Ala Mrs. Griswold.

And just like my mother always says, these capture exactly who Dom is at this most marvelous stage of his life.

My favorites are the one where Dom smushed his face right between Matt and I as we were about to kiss, all of the snow ones (so cute!), and even though it breaks my heart a little with how grown up she is becoming, the one with Letty and David where she is six going on sixteen. You know the one.
Thank you Ashley! Some day when Dom is feeling left out of so many gorgeous images I'll have plenty of antidotes about how much of a peach he was.



  1. these are the sweetest :) I love them
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  2. ah these photos! omg letty hand on hip and the hip pop. i cant. these babies are so cute! friggen dom haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. These turned out so great! Even though Dom wasn't exactly cooperative. Like your mom said it captures who he is!

  4. these are AMAZING!!!!! and i am sure every. single. mom. has their child/ruined photo moments... actually i made some horrendous faces on photos that i still have to look back on and ugh. ugh! and!! he didn't even come close to ruining these, they're sooooo beautiful!! i mean you wouldn't even know about his drama without the story, but poor dommy. it only gets harder from there, buddy! haha! you earned your wine, lady! that's fo sho! and get out, letty is so 16!!

  5. These are so cute!! And Dom!! I'm sorry I have to laugh. It makes me want to have my mom find a Christmas picture of me and my brother and sister, and my little sister is balling/screaming and it is awful! But my mom still used it, and framed it in our house. Now it is hilarious when my 25 year old sister sees it. We can all basically relate to that picture and growing up with her. LOL ;)

  6. Love all of these! Potato flakes! Genius!!

  7. Dom ruins all the things. lol
    He is such a cute grump though, and really they are still such good shots!


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