my true love gave to me

Seven Christmas trees!!! 

There's always room for more though, am I right? I mentioned something on Instagram a while back about my seven trees and well why yes one should start early when one has that many to do... Well I was sort of leaving out the fact that all but one of those trees remain decorated all the live long year, covered in trash bags and safely tucked away in storage. If you have the room to do that let me say, I highly recommend it. Makes decorating so much easier, obviously.

And so here they are! My seven trees! Starting with the main event, the living room tree:
Followed immediately by the wine tree in the dining room:
The playroom tree:
The basement tree full of the kid's homemade ornaments:
Letteria's princess tree:
David's pirate tree:
Dominic's race car tree:
And lastly my antique ceramic tree which stays safe in our bedroom. See: breakable: