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File this one under, things to do next December. Because unfortunately, the date has now passed for this to still work out for anyone reading. I just hope we got ours out in time because they had to be there by the 15th. But! Apparently at the end of this my kids should each get a letter addressed to them from Santa with a post mark from the North Pole! Worth a shot!
It's the first year I've done this so I had to read the instructions a few times through but! I think I figured it out. Time will tell. First I typed up a letter from Santa to my kids using PicMonkey because I like their fonts and their reindeer clip art. I personalized it as best I could and tied in some things I want the kids to be working on, like Letty and her sight words. Then I addressed three envelopes to each of my kids with the return address being Santa, The North Pole. I also put a stamp on these envelopes. But don't seal them! 
Then I got a bigger envelope and I addressed that one to:
North Pole Postmark Postmaster
4141 Postmark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

I also put two stamps on that one because I knew it was going to have three envelopes and various letters inside.
Then I hid all of that stuff. I had the kids sit down and write their letters to Santa which, I mean. Letty. She keeps changing what she wants! I hope she isn't sorely disappointed come Christmas morning when she does not in fact have a baby doll/Barbie's Dreamhouse complete with elevator and two car garage/Shopkins/blah blah blah. 
Once their letters were done I told them to go get their shoes on and then we would go stick it in the mail. While they were fighting over who would raise the flag on the mailbox I quickly stuck each of their letters into the corresponding envelope I already had ready (again, don't seal them because Santa's helpers at the Anchorage Post Office will take care of that) and then put those three envelopes into the big one addressed to the Post Office above and sealed it before they could notice.
Then we mailed it. And we hope to receive the letters back! More info here.
I'm not sure how an older kid would feel if they could read that they address on the big envelope was going to Alaska instead of the North Pole? I guess you could just say mom will take care of mailing it for you?

So has anyone ever done this before? Does it actually work?



  1. sooo cute!!! and yes, we did it and already got our letter back!!! i haven't figured out perfect mailing technique. M was certainly confused at why i was fussing with so many envelopes haha. and then she was confused at why santa returned her letter with the letter she wrote..... but the fun part is that it's postmarked north pole, AK! so it says north pole on it!!

    1. confusing, this is why i don't talky before coffee... M was confused at why he mailed her letter and also returned the letter she wrote. i was confused at whether i did any of it right, but it was so fun and cute!!!

  2. Wow! It is a lot more confusing reading it all. I guess it was easy for us since we lived in Anchorage! LOL. I just did a few switch-a-roos in my driveway with the mailman. But North Pole, AK is actually such a cute town and themed quite accurately! :)

  3. that is just the cutest. love the photo of david pouting haha. very fun times - didn't even know you could do this! oh how times have changed :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. These are the cutest :) Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  5. lol I hope it worked! It sure looked like a lot of sneaky effort, and I'm awful at being sneaky.

  6. Wow David writing and everything!!! Impressive! Hopefully the kids didn't mind that the letters were returned after Christmas


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