kids in christmas pajamas.

Let's just all wear matching Christmas pajamas and lay on a big comfy bed of white and giggle, shall we? I think the world would be a much better place if we would all just wear pajamas together.

Right, yes, I know. But I made my kids do it. And I of course took their photos. And while I was really hot and there was a lot of please look at mommy and Letty please sit up and Dom Dom pleeeeeeeeease smile! I'm sure glad I have these. Sure glad.
And then while I was at it why not move the show down by the tree....
Happy weekend everyone!



  1. sooo cute!! is there anything better than little ones in matching christmas jams!! i think not!!

  2. Ace came home last week from school and said "mom, why don't we do matching pjs?" I'm like for what? LOL! he said Christmas!! So I bought matching pajamas, totally not something I even think of, but I aim to please.

  3. omg that photo at the beginning. all of it is just adorable. i can see this being a ROYAL pain though haha. i just love these faces

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Oh they are so cute in their matching Christmas pajamas!! Love it. You got the most adorable pictures.

  5. awwww so cute. i am totally doing matching pajamas with my kids. i'm sure it will go just as well as when i asked KC if he would wear christmas pjs. not well.


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