dominic's blaze birthday bash

Dominic's most favorite of all tv shows is Blaze and the Monster Machines. His favorite toys are his brother's beloved Blaze and the Monster Machines monster trucks. So when I, as his mother, had to choose a theme for his second birthday party it was a no brainer. And somehow we have never had ourselves a Blaze birthday before? First time for everything I suppose. David was only marginally jealous.

I stocked up on balloons and paper products and ordered our cake from our go to local bakery (that incidentally recently changed names and I love what they have done with the place) the Cake & Cup. Matt got a few lasagnas going and after taking Letty to see Rogue One in the morning, I took to decorating. I felt really bad for Dom as almost half his party guests were feeling under the weather in one way or another, but I pushed forth and tried to make it as festive as I could for the people who were able to make it (thanks family!).  Besides, he's two (gulp). I'm sure he had a great time regardless!
When it came time for gifts his siblings and his cousins circled the wagons to help watch... He got a Melissa and Doug Let's Play House Pretend Play Set (huge hit with all the kids), not one but two Lego Duplo My First Number Train sets, a rocket tent and book, and a The Good Dinosaur book that he has been taking to bed with him every night. And of course a little college fund padding from certain responsible family members. Thank you everyone for as always being so good to my kids!
We sang and ate lots of cake. Just celebrating this little man. 
And as per the usual I tried to get a photo of the birthday boy with all the party guests in attendance. Which I succeeded in as much as Dom would allow.... See below.
Thanks so much to all who could make it! And feel better to all those that couldn't!

As always the really awesome photos above were taken by my sister-in-law! Thanks to her! And thank you mom and dad for always supplying the delicious cake!

Have the merriest of Christmases everyone! Soak up every last drop of this weekend.



  1. Happiest of Birthdays little guy!

  2. Lucky boy! looks like a great party :)

  3. Love the rocket tent! And now I want some chocolate cake. Sorry we couldn't make it! Looks like it was a very nice party for him, regardless :)

  4. aw my crazy cute domino. so trovato that one. seriously. i know, broken record. what a fun party for him!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Can't get over how much older he looks with his haircut! Looks like a blazin good time! See what I did there? ;) Love the pics of all 5 of you by the cake!


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